We are Marko Kovacevic (Serbia) and Lize-Marie Bosch (South Africa), and together we are the team behind Kovacevic|Bosch Films  & Photography. We are  currently based in Cape Town, South Africa, but are available to shoot anywhere in the world.


We met each other while working as photographers and videographers on a cruise ship. We consider ourselves a versatile couple, shooting all aspects of life. Our joint, yet individual talents create timeless images and long-lasting memories, either through photography or video. We strive to make each film as unique as your unique story.


We started our photography and video/film production company in 2012 and have since photographed and filmed numerous weddings and other productions both locally and in Namibia.

We make use of top of the range equipment for both the video and the sound/audio and our end product is supplied to the client on a HD Blu-ray DVD as well as a high quality USB drive. We are constantly trying out the latest gear/ equipment in order to stay up to date with the best in the business.


Our Unique Cinematic Wedding Films are tailored to reflect and capture those priceless moments that will tell your story in a truly timeless fashion. Follow this link to view our wedding videos.

Let us tell your story!

Follow these links to our blog or portfolio page. To view our wedding and other films, visit our VIMEO page.  


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KovacevicBosch Photography & Videography

“Often in art, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, it is something completely new and beautiful. Film and music. Separately, they evoke certain emotions and are equally complex in their own right. Together, they take the human experience to another plane where the lines between nostalgia, pride, compassion, and connection are all blurred. At the end of the emotional experience that is birthed by the welding of film and music, you are only affected by that intangible matter that relates you to what you have experienced.”  – Zachary David

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